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The THINK Learning Experience

At THINK Health Education, we challenge the myopic and stereotypical thinking of the traditional education system, and rebuild it to suit students and their futures. We believe in delivering an experience that empowers resilience, confidence and curiosity, where heads and hearts are aligned, instinctively bringing our students talents and abilities to life. We place equal value on theory and practice. We ensure our students are trained in the real world skills they need for success. And we give everyone a platform to change their world. The education revolution starts here!


At THINK we focus on your future career. THINK lecturers are experienced Registered Nurses who have extensive backgrounds in vocational education. They are approachable and have current knowledge in evidence based practice. THINK courses include supervised clinical training, so youre able to practice your profession in preparation for your new career.

To support your success, we have purpose-built campuses in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Adelaide, all available to you. You will find all you need to suit your study needs, collaborative study environments, well equipped facilities and dedicated staff to help you with any queries. All of our campuses are situated in central locations with easy access to public transport.


The Diploma of Nursing reflects the role of an Enrolled Nurse working under supervision of a Registered Nurse. This qualification covers the application of skills and knowledge required to provide nursing care for people across the health sector.

An enrolled nurse in a range of health settings such as: acute care, chronic care, aged care, rehabilitation, community, mental health. Find out more at http://www.think.edu.au

Laureate International Universities

Being a student at THINK Health Education means being part of a unique online and offline community, with peers and lecturers who know you by name and will support you personally throughout your studies. It also means being part of something bigger. You will become part of the Laureate International Universities, a leading international network of innovative institutions comprising 70 universities across 27 countries. This makes you part of the largest network of higher-education institutions in the world and gives you access to a global, innovative alumni community. You can continue to develop your career for years to come by tapping into this network all over the world!


Think Health Education is part of Laureate International Universities (LIU), a leading international network of quality, innovative institutions of higher education.

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