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Our philosophy:
The foundation of Evocca is based on a commitment to achieve social change through transformation.
Our mission at Evocca is to provide an exceptional education, inspiring educators and an outstanding experience for our students. Our aim is to produce well-rounded graduates who are not just equipped with outstanding professional skills, but improved confidence, life and social skills.
Our vision is to be Australias leading education provider. To achieve this we will combine a dynamic, flexible, and forward thinking approach to education.

Our difference:
Evocca College offers diploma level training, including beauty, business, community services, counselling, IT, tourism and events, with more than 40 campuses across Australia. Evocca Workplace Training, provides traineeships, corporate training and certificate level courses in areas including business, childrens services, customer contact and engagement, and workplace health and safety. Established in 2011, Evoccas unique selling points are:
- Study now, pay later
- Wide range of courses
- Local colleges
- Career coaches
- Flexible study options
- Personal tutors
- University pathways

The opportunity:
At Evocca, we recognise the potential of anybody who seeks self-improvement. By providing life-changing skills, education and training, our graduates are able to transform their lives.

Evoccas fundamental commitment is to achieve social change through transformation by:
1. Positioning our campuses in key population centres
2. Remaining receptive to the employment and skills needs of our multi-pillared economy
3. Forging graduate employment opportunities with businesses
4. Adding to our partnerships with leading Australian universities in order to provide additional pathways to further qualifications.


At Evocca College we dont make you jump through hoops to achieve your education. You choose what you study, when you start and a timetable that suits your lifestyle. We work with you to understand how you like to learn, then tailor a study plan to ensure that you have access to learning experiences that suits your individual study needs.

Why study at Evocca?
Evocca offers a wide range of diploma-level qualifications across multiple industries, providing students with great career possibilities for their future. Whether your interests lie in beauty, business, community services, counselling, IT, tourism or events, Evocca has the course for you.

Diploma courses at Evocca are eligible for student loans under the Australian Government VET-FEE HELP scheme, allowing students to study now, and pay later*. That means our students can start their course with no up-front, out-of-pocket expenses.

With the flexibility to study at one of over 40 college locations across Australia, at home or even the local coffee shop, Evocca removes the barriers so you can focus on achieving your study goals.

If you want to further your education at university, Evocca could be just the path for you. We have partnerships with many of Australias leading universities, meaning that you may already have a direct pathway, with recognised credits, towards your university degree when you have completed your diploma.

Our dedicated career coaches help students build their confidence and increase job-ready skills required to achieve their career goals. They will help you identify your personal strengths, write a winning resume, provide you with interview success tips and help you market yourself to help you achieve your goals.

Evocca College believes in making a difference in their students lives by providing better study outcomes and sustainable employment at an above industry standard, ensuring that all Evocca students learn to achieve.

*VET FEE-HELP is a loan that is expected to be repaid, and will impact on a students credit rating. For information, please visit the StudyAssist website: studyassist.gov.au


Evocca College is Australia's leading VET Provider. They offer a wide range of flexible diplomas across the areas of Business, Community Services, IT & Multimedia, Travel, Tourism and Events.

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